Corporate Magic Shows (2500/-)

The Thrilling Magic shows contains lots of entertaining tricks.
Some of the most popular Magic tricks of Magician Sanjay Raghuvir are.

1.  Cutting boy in to half popular trick.
2.  Vanishing Lady with in a Second.
3.  Pigeons Production
4.  Floating a Boy in Air.
5.  Production of Currancy Notes.

Services For Birthday Party Functions and Other Celebration Party are

1. Magic Show
2. Papet Show
3. Joker Show
4. Charli Chaplin Show
5. Santa Show
6. Cartoon Charcter
7. Bamboo Man
8. 300 Baloon Gate
9. 250 Baloon Gate
10. 75 Baloon Gate
11. 50 Baloon Piller
12. Gas Baloon
13. Portait Artist
14. House Games


Thought for a day:

What matters is not the length of the wand but the magic in the stick...