Magic Course - 2017

1-Day Summer Camp

Magic Exhibition

Sanjay Raghuvir is a well-known name in the world of magic.
He started performing magic at a very young age with his Father Magician Raghuvir. After completing L.L.B, Sanjay joined his father's business of MAGIC. Since then he has performed thousands of magic shows for all types of audiences. In 1980 he went on a tour to Europe, England and France. In 1986 & 1999 he successfully completed his business tour to Singapore and Bangkok. He has won many medals and awards. One of these awards was given to him by famous film actress Smita Patil. In summer vacations, he conducts workshops on magic for children. More than 15000 students have successfully completed these workshops. His wife, Mrs. Swati, also helps him in magic workshops. Many magicians around the world visit him every year. He is a manufacturer of magic items and tricks. His magic sets (Beginner, Intermediate and Expert level) are very popular amongst children. He also manufactures and sells the illusions like Zigzag, Houdini box, Geometric illusion, Ghost dance, Dragon and so on. He is a member of NIE (Newspaper In Education), Times of India. He persons magic shows for schools, companies, government organizations, colonies. He also performs for "Ganesh mandals" in Ganesh Festivals and has gained large popularity for that. For shows in annual functions, fetes and college festival contact us for further details.

Thought for a day:

What matters is not the length of the wand but the magic in the stick...